I know exactly what you’re looking for when you’re scrolling through your Facebook news feed. You’re looking for a rant from your racist uncle, another list article from The Odyssey, and a study abroad blog from someone you haven’t spoken to since middle school. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any of those things (besides a slew of The Odyssey articles… we all make mistakes). I am not racist nor am I an uncle. I am not studying abroad, unless you count taking the train into Chicago for work.

me 2

I am Natalie Rose Hilvert. I recently graduated from the University of Miami  (NO, NOT THE ONE IN OHIO) with a B.A. in English and Theatre Arts with minors in Public Relations and Film.  (I know my minors aren’t super relevant but I always mention them because it makes people worry about me less).  I am located in Chicago and have no intention of leaving.

Alright, you got me.  I actually don’t live IN Chicago, I live in the suburbs.  I had to clarify because I knew someone would call me out on it.

I am currently working as a Public Relations intern at Current Marketing.  I am also a contributing writer for Hedonist Shedonist as well as the much more prestigious and well-known blog, NatRoseHill.