I Failed My Foodie Challenge and Other Unimportant Life Updates

Remember that time I told myself I would try ten new restaurants this summer? HA. Me neither. I guess I misjudged the fact that my friends also had opinions on where we would eat. I crossed only a few of my go-to’s off my list, but I did end up trying more than ten new restaurants/bars this summer… just very few of the ones I actually intended to. Some of my favorites were:

And the summer isn’t even over yet! I could easily be disappointed in my efforts to complete my self-assigned challenge, but tbh, I did some WORK.

But let’s talk about something other than my obsession with food. I haven’t posted on my blog for quite some time, and I thought I’d share a life update for anyone who cares (hi mom).

Let’s just say that I recently went through a bit of a rough patch. Since I last wrote, commuting really started to take a toll on me and I felt very ready for a full-time job. Some of my friends were landing positions and preparing to move to the city, and I felt stuck. I wanted to make money and I wanted to move out.

Luckily enough, shortly after my crisis, I landed my DREAM job at a hospitality public relations agency. That’s right – my clients are restaurants and hotels. Seeing as I begun this post listing all of the restaurants I visited this summer, it’s obvious that this is the position for me.

It was a long road to get to where I am now, but I am finally satisfied with where I ended up for my first real (non-intern) job. Leading up to this, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and fear about the future. What if I never got a job? Would I be living at home FOREVER? The public relations and ad industry is SO competitive and I worried that I would end up settling and doing something I didn’t enjoy. I feel incredibly lucky that the stars aligned and provided me with the opportunity that I got.

In between the end date of my last internship at my start date at my current position, I had a week off to myself. My mom and I took a four-day trip to Door County, Wisconsin (where we visit quite often). We saw two plays – including an incredibly enjoyable production of Twelfth Night. I had been going to Door County ever since I was a little kid, and this was surprisingly the first time I had seen a show at Door Shakespeare. It took my mom some convincing, but we ended up really enjoying ourselves watching Shakespeare in the woods.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting a new restaurant called Trixie’s (here I go with the restaurants again…) As I’ve mentioned in blog posts before, when it comes to which restaurants I want to dine at, the quality of food is only half of the equation. I am ALL about the experience (and the ~Instagrammability~). Trixie’s was located right next to where my mom and I stayed and had opened only 8 weeks prior. The second I walked in, I didn’t want to leave. The décor was minimalist and pink and they had faux marble countertops. It was a millennial haven. I had the best rosé I’ve ever tasted (are we surprised at my drink order? Nope) and my mom and I shared some appetizers, which were delicious. As it turns out, the owner of Trixie’s is the wife of the owner of Wickman House, which is another one of my mom and my favorite restaurants. Whenever I return to Door County in the future, Trixie’s will be my first stop.

While my mom and I had a great time in Door County, I had a moment of panic midway through the trip. I was about to go through a huge transition in my life, and I started fearing for my security. So much had changed in the past year, and that realization was discomforting. The ambiguity of my future made me feel anxious and unsure.

I started my new job the following week and knew immediately that I was where I was meant to be, but my sinking panic did not disappear yet. I was supposed to attend Lollapalooza that Saturday, and I could not shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen. With so many tragedies occurring in the news, I couldn’t help but think a gathering of 100,000 people in a major city would be a target of violence.

Chance the Rapper is one of my favorite artists and I knew that seeing him headline Lollapalooza was a very unique opportunity. I paid $150 for my ticket, so I was gonna go, dammit! I pushed through and made myself go… and I had an amazing time. Now that I know I was strong enough to confront my fear, I feel like I have a stronger foothold on my life.

Now that I feel somewhat more stable, the only thing that I am missing from my life is my art. My last blog post was about how shooting a short film reminded me how much I miss acting, and I am still struggling to fill that void. I am going to start an acting class soon, and the only thing prohibiting me from going on auditions is my lack of recent headshots and my exhausting commute. My current position is only part-time at the moment, which allows more time for me to pursue acting, so once I get settled I hope to delve into my other passion (other than feeding myself).

I know that was a lot for one post – it has been a while! This blog has turned into an old friend that I only run into on occasion and need to fill them in on my life every time I see them. The kind that you go on lunch dates with every few months – not the kind you avoid at the grocery store.