CFBL Stop 2: 3 Arts Club Café

The 3 Arts Club Café is seldom called by its real name. To most, it’s known as “the brunch place inside of Restoration Hardware”. At first, a restaurant inside of a furniture and appliance store does not seem like a very logical move, but after you visit the 3 Arts Café, you will realize that it’s the MOST logical move.

Naturally, the 3 Arts Café is decked out in all Restoration Hardware accoutrements, which creates a gorgeous atmosphere in which to enjoy brunch. We expected to have a long wait, and we did – but I wanted to visit this restaurant for a while, so I thought it was worth it. I grabbed an iced coffee at the bar and sat down on the comfy couches with my friend to wait for our table.

We waited an hour until we were seated in the back of the restaurant. We were a little bummed that we didn’t get a table in the middle of the atrium, but at that point we were so hungry we didn’t really care.  It was my understanding that we couldn’t make a reservation, so I didn’t try, but some tables appeared to have been reserved, so that is something that I will keep in mind if I ever choose to return.

I ordered the Slow-Roasted Beets, which were surprisingly delicious. I say “surprisingly” because I have been transitioning into a plant-based diet, and my life-long meat eater palate has had a bit of a hard time finding vegan dishes that it genuinely enjoys. However, these beets were dressed with a sesame vinaigrette that had an amazing flavor and complimented by some roasted kale. After my meal, I felt fulfilled but not yucky. Additionally, my friend ordered the burrata and said it was amazing. I’ve never had burrata and probably never will, but I can imagine she’s telling the truth.

When it comes to restaurants that are known for their atmosphere, oftentimes the food doesn’t live up to the hype. I’ve been too many restaurants that were beautiful, but it was evident that I was paying for the atmosphere rather than my meal. At 3 Arts Club Café, I felt like I got the package deal. The service was great, my food was amazing, AND I got an awesome Instagram out of it. What more could I ask for?